• Racquet and ball handling
  • Forehand
  • Forehand and backhand in combination
  • Toss, volley, and catch
  • Serve and trap
  • Mini tennis
  • 5 Minutes:
    Introductory Activities
  • 20 Minutes:
    Lesson Focus Activity Stations
  • 5 Minutes:
    Wrap Up, Cool Down Games
  • Water confidence (walking in water)
  • Breath control (blowing bubbles)
  • Floating
  • Kicking (front crawl kicks)
  • Pulls (front crawl pulls)
  • Endurance
  • Swimming strokes (back stroke, breast stroke – depending on the child’s ability)
  • 5 Minutes: Locomotor/Space Awareness
    skipping-skipping race
  • 10 Minutes: Manipulative
    bounce and catch the ball
  • Skipping rope
    Introduction to ropes
  • 10 Minutes: Non-Manipulative
    Hula hooping
  • Dribbling
    Ability to use the sole and the laces of the foot
    Change of speed and direction
    Introduce turns and feints
  • Running with the ball
    Push the ball further away from the body
    Keep the head up
  • Passing
    Push pass with either foot
    Follow through
  • Control/Receiving
    Bring the ball quickly under control
  • Shooting
    Keeping an eye on the ball
    Using laces(top of the foot)