Sina Learning Centre is a purpose-built Early Years Foundation Stage and British National Curriculum education system where we have large and open-planned classrooms as well as several rooms for multi-purpose uses such as a Library, Art room, an Extracurricular activity room etc.


Sina Learning Centre has a pioneering meal program. The food is prepared daily taking into account any food allergies the children may have. The menu changes on a weekly basis and each meal is served at child size tables with real crockery and silverware.


Our classrooms are designed and equipped with the child in mind, from the child sized furniture, the child friendly washrooms right through to the Early Years materials.


At Sina Learning Centre we have large outdoor areas for activities such as P.E., cycling and soccer.


We also have facilities to move these activities indoors should the weather not prove to be favorable.


We have indoor and out-door playing areas equipped with appropriate sports equipment. Swimming has been facilitated at a nearby convenient location with a heated indoor pool.