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A Growing Family

Who We Are

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We help children engage their bodies and minds through fun and educational activities.

Sina Learning Centre was established in 2018 when we opened our very first nursery. Since then, the school has grown steadily, creating a similar feeling and ethos in each setting while nourishing each class’s unique strengths. Sina Learning Centre compromises of Toddler class, Nursery Class, Reception Class. We are proud to also incorporate Key Stage 1 classes.

Sina Learning Centre is a school that is focused on learning. Your child is unique and we will help them to reach their full potential by providing the very best care for them each and every day.

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Sina Learning Centre
Sina Learning Centre
Sina Learning Centre
Sina Learning Centre
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Eating together, because it’s more than just a meal.

Keeping Your Child Healthy

When it’s time to eat, we all sit together with the children – just as you might do at home, as a family. For us, mealtimes are about more than nutritious food (although that is incredibly important). They are a time to swap stories, strengthen bonds, and deepen relationships – to feed your child emotionally as well as physically.

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Sina Learning Centre
Sina Learning Centre
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Somewhere you can Trust

Keeping Your Child Safe

Leaving your child at a new nursery is a big deal. We’re parents ourselves so we know how it feels. Rest assured, your child’s welfare comes first with us. We only employ properly-trained nursery workers. We are checked and registered with the correct legal bodies. And we are strict about the policies and procedures we follow. Because your child and their childhood is just too precious to leave to chance.

During the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic we have continuously reviewed, amended and updated our controls and communicated guidance to our staff teams to ensure that we are providing the safest environment we can for everyone. We are confident that we have robust procedures in place and will continue to monitor the situation and adapt as necessary in line with Public Health guidance.

Sina Learning Centre
Sina Learning Centre
Our Goal

School Aims

The primary goal of our school is to involve the whole child in the learning process so that the acquisition of basic living skills become an integral part of the child’s total development.

The motivating environment provided to the child is planned with care to help the child develop a solid foundation for future creative learning. The learning activities provided are individualized, so that the learning task appeals to the child, this helps develop a positive attitude towards school.

We require the children to respect everyone, regardless of ability, culture, religion, race or gender and need them to promote respect and consideration for others.

Sina Learning Centre
Sina Learning Centre
Sina Learning Centre
Parent Testimonial

Positive reviews from parents

We have been providing the best childcare to our children. We highly value parents' satisfaction, hence we want them to be happy with our service.

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Sina Learning Centre
Sina Learning Centre
Sina Learning Centre