Our Core Values

At Sina Learning Centre, we focus on nurturing the child to fulfil their individual goals and aspirations. Every child is unique and we aim to celebrate the talents and abilities of all our pupils through our enriched curriculum. We take full advantage of the child’s desire to learn and in their unique ability to develop their own capabilities. Children are nurtured with the skills and values that instill a love for learning and allow them to recognise their full potential.

Our Programs – British National Curriculum (BNC)

Early Years

The Early Years Foundation Program integrated with the Montessori System of Education is used to nurture childrens’ creative thinking skills through play-based learning, which builds their self confidence and encourage them to become inquisitive, independent and self-motivated learners who love school.

PREP-SCHOOL – Cambridge Curriculum.

By offering Cambridge Primary curriculum, our children are exposed to formalised lessons in the core areas of learning while also covering a range of non-core foundation subjects with the aim of providing a holistic learning journey throughout their schooling and work life.

Dates to Remember

Term 3, 2023

  • Term Begins – Tuesday 25th April 2023
  • First Half Ends – Saturday 25th May 2023
  • Term Resumes – Monday 5th June 2023
  • Term Ends – Friday 6th July 2023


  • Labour Day – Monday 1st May
  • Project (Year 1&2) – Monday 15th – Friday 19th May
  • Mother’s Day – Sunday 14th May
  • World Bee Day – Friday 19th May
  • Mid-term exams (Year 1&2) – Monday 22nd – Friday 26th May
  • Cultural Day – Friday 26th May


  • Madaraka Day Wednesday 1st June
  • Environment Day Tuesday 7th June
  • Junk Modelling Day Tuesday 16th June
  • Father’s Day Monday 20th June
  • End-term exams (Year 1&2) Monday 26th – Friday 30th June
  • International Mud Day Friday 30th June


  • Water Play Activities Monday 3rd July
  • Outdoor Day Tuesday 4th July
  • School Party Thursday 6th July

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